About me

I completed my undergraduate studies in 1976 at Tel Aviv University in an expanded four-year program in Theatre Studies with a major in set and costume design. Studies covered literature, art, painting, sets, costumes and maquette-building.

Upon receiving my Bachelor’s degree I was chosen by my University teacher, the director Lydia Pincus, to serve as her assistant at the Beer-Sheva Theater.

Over time, I was drawn to painting as a medium in which I could enjoy the complete freedom of expression I desired. I sought to journey beyond theatrical constraints and limitations to the realms of unbound expression.

Following my passion, in 1978 I went on to study painting at the Avni Institute of Art and Design in Tel- Aviv. A leading art school, its faculty at the time boasted the most well-known teachers such as Yehezkel Streichman, Yaakov Wechsler, and the figurative painter Moshe Proppes who was my teacher. Over the years, and even after his passing, I continued to paint in this style even though I was attracted to realistic painting which has characterized my work in recent years. In my “Impressions” series my most inner desires are given complete freedom of expression. My interest also extends to contemporary art as reflected in the series “Behind the Black Screen/Background”

I view artistic style as a tool, a means of pictorially expressing my inner world and the world as I observe it. I have found that as an artist I must be continuously stimulated by all that surrounds me and give it artistic expression. Painting emanates from any and all experiences, passing through myriad filters and extending beyond one style or another.  Read about my one-person and group exhibitions below.



1972-1976          Tel- Aviv University, BA, Theatre Studies (Major: Set and Costume Design)

1978-1981           Avni Institute, Tel- Aviv, Drawing and Painting (Teacher: Moshe Proppes)

1985-1988           Institute of Technology, Haifa, graphic Design.



1983                       Beit Emanuel, Ramat- Gan

2007                       Givataim Theatre

2009                       Performing Arts Center, Tel- Aviv

2010                       Artist's House, Tel- Aviv

2011                        Portrait, Israel Television



 2008                      China Three Gorges Museum, Chongqing Museum

2009                      Art: Raw Gallery, New York

2009                      "Color / Bold", Upstream People Gallery, Omaha

                               aand NE.6th Annual Juried (Juror: Prof. Larry

                               Bradshaw, University of Omaha)

2009                      "Souvenir Art", Venice Biennale, International Pavilion

2009                      Viridian Artists, 20th Annual Juried Exhibition (Juror:

                               Elizabeth Sussman, Whitney, Museum of American Art)

2014                       Art works, Praterinsel, Munchen